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Thank you for using our platform, the products, services and features we make available to you as part of the platform (collectively, the “Service”).

We encourage the customer to consider the below terms and conditions before making enquiry, suggestions and complaints to us to help you better. You shall hereby permit PromptTech Middle East Pvt. Ltd. as a sole owner for all the services and product procurements in its name as well as hold PromptTech Middle East Software house LLC, its representatives, members, associates, partners and or employees as a part of PromptTech ( collectively herein “PromptTech”) permitting for all the product related, customer support, system resolutions and other services with full knowledge and impliedly at your own risk once you enter into and sign in for these terms for access. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

1. The Company leads an IT product and services business that is inclusive of videos, audio, graphics, digital marketing (including trade names, trademarks, service marks, or logos), interactive features, software, metrics, and other materials (collectively, “Contents”). Contents are provided to users and PromptTech Middle East Pvt Ltd is a sole provider of hosting services for such Contents whereas PromptTech Middle East Software House LLC is sales and administrative office of it. This term of access shall be in conformity with the End User Agreement of our Company. Please visit www.prompttechsolutions.com for more detail.

2. PromptTech Middle East Pvt Ltd declares that in the event of fault or any support to you, you Submit and authorise PromptTech Middle East Pvt Ltd or PromptTech Middle East Software House LLC, associates or representatives to access your system software and do the necessary changes on it and shall accept all the terms and conditions in conformity to access and support the process of technical alterations.

3. That you shall take the sole responsibility in full knowledge and soundness for any loss or damages including general data loss, recoveries, back up files, all the digital data and or residual or cache file losses from your computer systems ( inclusive of application crash , application backup, cache files) while PromptTech Middle East Pvt Ltd would access and provide you technical services. You shall hereby acknowledge that in the event of errors and solutions providing process PromptTech may assign its members, associates and itself for such customer support thereby conforming to this agreement you shall agree to permit us without any loss to privacy.

4. That you shall accept and agree that PromptTech collectively herein shall not in any manner be liable for such loss of data, sources, backup system and will in no capacity to resolve, mitigate or legally bound themselves to provide any compensation, monetary or indemnification.

5. That the services PromptTech gives is subject to no restrictions when we access to your data, personal information, saved data, server encryptions, system update information files, application files and that you agree that in the event of resolving your issue if any unwarranted virus attacks, trojans, bugs in files are found it is at your own risk any no Liability of system damage shall in any manner withstand in the name of PromptTech thereby PromptTech collectively shall be free from any such liability and legal bindings.

6. You hereby impliedly consent and give permission for any technical support, solution and procedure or services you avail from PromptTech is free from any legal obligation of the company and thus PromptTech stands with sole ownership free from terms and restriction to provide you the technical support and solutions effectively.

You hereby declare that in the event of any technical loss of data, personal information wherein valuable or sensitive information is affected due to human error, technical glitches, viruses, malware, or power failure or any unwanted circumstances which is unavoidable while the process of system, PromptTech collectively or any of its associate, members, subsidiaries shall not be liable in any manner and the sole responsibility stands with you.

PromptTech reserves all right not expressly granted to you in this Agreement . Hereby having the Sole ownership and discretion which is applicable to the customers. If read carefully please raise the issue or query or complaint through Hello@prompttechsolutions.com .

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