The latest news from the Media Office of the Government of Dubai Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector of Dubai Economy has partnered up with Golden Radiant Corporation. The partnership is aimed at supporting emerging businesses with Dubai Economy’s DED Trader license to take part in a digital transformation. These firms now have the unique opportunity to take their business operations online using a mobile app.

Omar Almeheiri, Director of Development and Follow-up Division in BRL sector made the following statement:

“The agreement with Golden Radiant is in line with the continuous efforts to support Dubai’s economic sectors and drive sustainable economic growth and will actively contribute to supporting Dubai’s startups and freelancers and to strengthen Dubai’s position as a global centre for innovation driven by skilled young talents”

He also stated that digital transformation is a top priority for Dubai at the moment – especially so with e-commerce operations playing a key role in the digital economy of the UAE. Latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and robotics also feature high on the list of prospective innovations that could impact business growth in the coming years.

Abdulla Moosa Al Madani, Golden Radiant CEO and Founder also made a statement: “Golden Radiant is delighted to partner with Dubai Economy and introduce SingleCart to DED Trader license holders. adopt digital transformation, thus contributing to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to establish Dubai as the first digital economic capital in the world. DED Trader Licence holders can now reach the UAE residents and millions of Dubai 2020 Expo visitors directly through the SingleCart App to buy their products wherever they are”.

A Mission to Innovate the Retail Landscape

PromptTech was founded with a singular vision to help emerging businesses take control of their business processes with innovative technological solutions. We are situated in a technologically charged environment that gives us the advantage of being up to date with the latest innovations and implementing these solutions to help businesses perform better. 

We are dedicated to formulating cost-effective methodologies to help scale businesses and accomplish their business goals. With easy access to technological initiatives and the skilled manpower to design the solutions, we are perfectly capable of providing our services to clients around the world. Our services are aimed at assisting emerging businesses right from their inception – improving operational efficiency through process automation services and enhancing digital presence through digital marketing services. Over the years, an unwavering resolve to our goals has led us to become a trusted partner to many firms – both upcoming firms as well as leading enterprises. 

PromptTech established the SingleCart brand as a Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus-based technology start-up with the goal of helping retail businesses restructure their operations for maximum efficiency. Retail businesses in the UAE have been witness to a variety of POS solutions in recent times, and we designed the perfect POS app to help them succeed.

A Hallmark POS Solution

The POS app is a product of a simplistic design that packs a punch. We designed the app with small businesses in mind – businesses that are unable to implement sweeping changes to their business practices due to a lack of specialized resources and the know-how to make it work. The SingleCart app makes it easy for these businesses to attract a larger audience and scale their operations using an assortment of innovative features that open the doors to the digital realm. The POS app is primarily intended to be used by small and medium retail businesses to take their first step into the world of digital e-commerce all on their own with just their smartphones. 

We designed the app with user experience as a top priority – so that retail business owners can get right into its features without having to expend any special training. The app comes with standard point-of-sale features like inventory management and invoicing that is more or less the industry standard in POS software around the world. But the truly innovative components help streamline retail business processes and help boost their rapid growth. In-store operations are supplemented by a powerful website feature that allows businesses to reach a wider customer base over a wider area. This involves integrated e-payment solutions that make it easier to manage transactions just as easily as a cash register, but with the added convenience of digitized transaction records.

How Businesses Succeed with SingleCart

DED Trader license holders can now take their products and services directly to their customers using the SingleCart POS app. Users will be able to locate retail businesses and explore their product catalogs with just their smartphones – a more convenient option than having to visit the stores. Retail businesses can take orders from users and communicate directly with them on the app.

Marketing the business across multiple platforms is also made possible with the SingleCart POS app. The primary driving force behind this is to make it easy for retail business owners to integrate functional marketing channels on various social media platforms. Social media integration makes it possible for businesses to maintain their brand image and attract greater user engagement. In addition, detailed analysis of business operations is used to generate intuitive reports that help business owners plan long-term goals.

Reliable Business Solutions

PromptTech Solutions brings much-needed relief to retail business owners and managers around the world who find it difficult to manage business operations on their own. We deliver innovative technology solutions to help businesses around the world scale easily. As one of the leading App Developers in Dubai, we provide a whole array of services to help nascent businesses transform into successful business enterprises. Your business operations will be more streamlined with assured higher ROI when you work with us!

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