UAE’s rapidly developing private healthcare and medical sectors need the adoption of today’s digital advancements for their management. For, no more are the conventional paper documentations and tedious manual operations in trend. These are being fast replaced by enterprise resource management solutions like PromptTech Clinic Software.

PromptTech Clinic App is a software designed exclusively for the efficient management of small general clinics and dental clinics in the Middle East. It is simple, easy- to- use, and GCC VAT ready. It is easily installable; and is compatible with all desktops, all laptops, POS machines and window tablets. It is a product of PromptTech, a leading software brand, operating with the intension of creating easy- to- use and advanced digital solutions.

PromptTech Clinic App has many useful features to help handle the diversified operations of a clinic. These include patient records, patient appointment, medical history management, treatment handling, invoicing, summary reports, dashboard, HR management, doctor department, patient search panel, etc. There is a patient module and a doctor module so that each of these groups can separately access the app.

This kind of integration of all management functions into a single platform, provides accurate clarity about and a greater control over the different aspects of managing your clinic. This would eventually reduce the wastage of time, increase productivity and increase profitability. Further, today, it is no more an option to go digital. Rather, it has become a necessity.

We at PromptTech offer this handy app on a cloud. We customize it as per your requirement, and establish it on a local network so that you can handle the various aspects of clinic management through it. We encourage you to make use of and benefit from this incredible software.

Get a free demo for Dental Clinic Software https://prompttechsolutions.com/sofware-solutions/ 

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