Dental Clinic Management Software – The need of the day!
Let’s face it. Dentists of today are facing a highly competitive market! The question that comes to mind is should dental clinics use a Dental Clinic Management Software?

Recent changes in the dental industry has created new challenges dentists never had to deal with in the past. With the increasing patient expectations Dentists are having a real tough time being forced to balance between providing exemplary patient care at the same time staying profitable and efficient. Patients nowadays are not accepting an average level of service and long queues for booking dentist appointment are things of the long past. Patients demand excellent, more personalised dental care with zero wait time in a modern and efficient dental office offering a hassle-free environment at reasonable prices. A dental practice management software is the answer to all your worries!

PromptTech has come out with a dental practice management software that’s compatible for Desktop/Tab/Mobile devices.


  • Available as Cloud Software.
  • Suitable for the Middle East Market.
  • Software is compatible to GCC VAT accounting.
  • The dental software is an ERP software.
  • Patient appointment and treatment handling.
  • Medical history management.
  • Summary report.
  • Invoicing .

Your Dental software should provide you the ability to track your finances and costs through a built-in dashboard and reporting tool. You can also find out how many appointments you completed, how much was the wait time, how many referrals, how much are your receivables etc. We call it the software for scaling up your dental practice!

If you own a dental practice in the Middle East, why not get in touch with us to know more

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