PromptTech seeks to provide an easy solution to all hardships and tedious tasks one might face at a dental clinic. As a resolution, PromptTech’s VAT POS Billing Software is like the search-engine for everything that your delta clinic holds. From keeping track of appointments and medical history of patients to optimizing the entire administration system of the clinic – this VAT POS Billing software is integrated with the solution to all of these. It is easy to install on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets. The software is user-friendly and can be used as soon as it is installed.

Patients and Appointments

When dealing with customers, or patients, in this case, all details must be accurate and real. The patients can be registered with or without medical insurance and their file can be brought at simply with a file number that is automatically generated. The medical history and account details are logged in and all appointment details are attached as frequency progresses. To manage appointments, the POS Billing Software of Dental Clinics creates a colour-coded calendar that is key for booked, confirmed, cancelled, arrived, treated, invoiced etc. Furthermore, more details include notifying doctor about whether the patient is a first-timer or a follow-up patient or a regular one. The POS Software also sends SMS alerts to the patients to remind them of their appointments.

Billing and Invoice

This software enables easy billing. It generates cash & insurance invoices and receipts for the patients which include details of the department, the doctor visited, details f the patient, diagnosis, invoice number, date of consultation, insurance and mode of payment. Such a detailed invoice is good for the purpose of reference and general upkeep of the clinic.

Managing Materials

A dental clinic needs replenishing of goods, keeping track of sales, equipment used, out of stock instruments and taking care of pharmaceutical needs. With this POS Billing Software, everything can be looked over upon without hassle. The suppliers, stock groups and location of the stock is logged in and can be reviewed. Purchase Orders, Returns, Goods Received Notes, Purchases Invoices are in digital form and can be made reference to at any point. Any transfers or returns can be just as easily logged in to recalibrate the data and all the consumption can be managed.

Payments and Finance

The software helps manage all the transactions and allows multiple modes of payment. It generates a detailed summary of profit and loss, balance sheet and a trial balance.


The reports are generated at the end of the day, then there is a weekly summary and the status of the month is kept log of. Daily Collection by branch / date / department / doctor / insurance. The data is also collected treatment wise and based on which doctor consulted which patient. Customized reports can be made, along with lab reports and stock/inventory reports.

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