Explore the Transformation of a Distribution Business
with PromptTech's Van Sale Application


For many years, a distribution business established in Sri Lanka had been relying on a traditional software system. They operated multiple branches and needed a solution that could manage them all from a single platform. Unfortunately, their existing software couldn’t meet this requirement, prompting them to seek a change. That’s when PromptTech stepped in and provided them with a tailored software solution, offering seamless multi-branch management and additional features like offline functionality and separate account management.


Why PromptTech?

PromptTech offers customized multi-branch management software with an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly van sales application. Our software was specifically designed to meet their unique needs and ensured smooth functionality, even when an internet connection was unavailable.


Branch Manager

“ PromptTech's Van Sale Application has revolutionized the way we manage our branches. Before, it was a struggle to coordinate everything, but now we effortlessly oversee multiple locations from a single platform.”

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