Boutique POS

End-to-end boutique store management with integrated inventory and accounting

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    Scale up your Boutique Sales

    Sell designer products and accessories effectively and efficiently with a handy Boutique POS Software. Organize your products by categories for an easy checkout experience. Manage inventory levels with innovative inventory features . Analyze customer preferences at any time with an integrated customer relationship feature so that your boutique would have happy customers eager to shop with you again. Scale your boutique business and boost your sales to build your boutique into a fashion brand.

    PromptTech Boutique POS System Highlights:
    boutique pos software
    boutique pos system

    Stock Management

    Keep track of inventory movement in real-time and make informed purchases with up-to-date demand trends. Distribute goods across departments with transfer orders.

    Customer Service

    Keep track of your regular patrons and their purchase history with an integrated CRM feature. Offer personalized customer experience to get them to come back for more.

    boutique pos system

    Multi-Device Compatibility

    Manage your boutique business on any device. Boutique POS Software is suited for desktops, laptops, and tablets. With easy installation, the user-friendly app is ready to help you succeed.

    Sales Analytics

    Your boutique store data can be used to make intelligent business decisions. Daily inventory movement, profit margins, and employee performance can be analyzed to maximize store productivity.

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