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    An Award-winning mPOS Solution

    Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Solutions are currently one of the most in-demand products globally. It is a fully functional POS system that is operated through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. We understand that it is essential for an enterprise to adapt to the changing business landscape in the best way possible.

    With our award-winning SingleCart mPOS solutions, you can smoothly streamline your business with ease and convenience. SingleCart mPOS solution combines all of the key elements of POS and e-commerce for small-scale retail businesses, and it will smoothly integrate shop operations as well as e-commerce from a smartphone.

    mPOS Solutions Highlights

    Web Store

    Customise and start your own online shop with just a few taps. Singlecart lets you manage sales via the web and social media. It also helps you track your orders systematically and provides the best mobile point of sale experience.

    Retails POS Application

    With our all-in-one retail mPOS application, you can now manage your retail store from your smartphone. The application is extremely user-friendly , cost effective and space-saving.

    Smart QR Code Solution

    SingleCart mPOS solutions improve your marketing efforts with the help of smart QR codes. Reduce manual work, and gain quick and genuine responses. Simplify your business with our innovative solutions.

    Sharing, Tracking & Reports

    Design your own digital flyers and share them on social media platforms instantly with the sharing and tracking features. Get an accurate record of views for each flyer, assess the business and track its reach to customers effectively.
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