Real Estate Management Solutions

Boosting your real estate business workflows with innovative technology

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    Streamline Real Estate Operations

    Automate all real estate processes and transactions – agents, clients, site visits, property listings, and much more. The feature-rich dashboard of Real Estate Management Solutions  helps real estate businesses manage their properties and brokers handle transactions with absolute ease. Preparing key checklist items and scheduling maintenance updates with just a few clicks. Store all necessary documentation securely with cloud access for an integrated real estate business.

    Real Estate Management Solutions

    Manage all your real estate business operations from Real Estate Management Solutions . Maintain unit vacancy details, tenant details and receipts, contracts, building AMC documents, and utility receipts. Manage information related to properties, tenants, and real estate transactions efficiently when you use the Real Estate Management Solutions

    Broker Management Solution

    Manage brokerage transactions and agent workflows for a streamlined business. Navigate compliance and increase brokerage productivity on our user-friendly software so brokers can get into business right away. The robust framework lets users get real-time access to all transactions and scale their business with a few clicks. 



    Customer Management

    Maintain customer information efficiently – name, contact information, payment details and other data for improving personalised services.


    Building and Unit Details

    Real estate managers can maintain building and unit information along with documents like title of deed and building municipality maps.



    Make receipts for each tenancy renewal with multiple payment options. Add PDC details along with their expiry details whenever required.


    Tenancy Contract

    Add tenancy contract information to single or multiple units. Attach documents – tenancy contract, tenant trade license/Emirates ID copy.


    AMC Details

    Manage vendor details with their documents. Add AMC details by the department against a building or unit. Send notifications for AMC expiry.


    Utilities Management

    Manage utility status and initiate repair orders. Share utility bills due and repair bills with tenants to ensure complete transparency.



    Generate reports aimed at streamlined property management. Analyze tenancy details, receipts, AMC details as well as utilities reports.



    Maintain a reliable channel of communication with tenants over email. Provide information and updates with Real Estate Software Dubai.

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