PromptTech Van Sale App- Effortless Order Management
for Van Sale Business


A newly established van sales business in India, operating in the FMCG industry wanted a van sales application to facilitate order-taking. They wanted to automate the tracking and management of item-wise sales. With PromptTech’s feature-rich van sales app, the van sales business can efficiently streamline the order-taking process and manage item-wise sales effectively.


Why PromptTech?

PromptTech provided them with a van sales application that encompasses all the necessary features for streamlining and automating the order-taking process. Our integrated item-wise sales management feature makes product management convenient on the go. It includes barcodes, customer names, product codes, item names, sales types, branches, and detailed van summary reports.


Branch Manager

“ PromptTech's Van Sale Application has revolutionized the way we manage our branches. Before, it was a struggle to coordinate everything, but now we effortlessly oversee multiple locations from a single platform.”

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