Yummy Fried Restaurant Thrives Through
Expansion With PromptTech


Yummy Fried Restaurant underwent a significant expansion, increasing its outlets From 8 to 24. As the business grew,
the need for a software solution that could accommodate its growing needs arose. They required a solution that could
manage and handle orders from all 24 outlets through a single call center and assign them to the nearest outlet. Their
existing software provider could not meet this requirement.

Our software enabled a centralized Feature for order-taking via phone calls For all 24 outlets. As their business contin-
ues to expand, PromptTech ensures that the required features are easily implemented. With PromptTech, there is a
one-stop destination For all of their software needs.


Why PromptTech?

PrompttTech offers customized solutions that can accommodate the restaurant’s evolving needs with a Focus on Future functionality.
PrompttTech serves as a one-stop destination For all of its software needs,
Our software enabled a centralized feature for order taking via phone calls From their single call center and assigning it to the nearest outlet.


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