A Grocery shop, Mini Mart or any retail business with an aim to build a good customer base must invest in upgrading or installing a POS system. Upgrading a system to suit your business requirement is a clever way of controlling the investment costs. As a business owner, you know which processes need automation and streamlining. Hence, it would be sensible to seek customisation of a POS as per your business requirement.

Listed below are a few advantages of installing a POS for your Grocery or retail business.

Business data at your fingertips

With automated data handling using the POS systems, sale and profit margins are easy to calculate. Ease of data access is the most important benefit of installing POS software. This enables you to access business performance statistics instantly without having to wait until a final report of business performance is prepared in a traditional method.

Streamlined Customer profiling

Ease access to data will helps you group customers and offer customer-specific discounts and offers. This is managed automatically when you install the software. Features like multi-buy in the POS system help you create discount and promotional offers without the need to employ manual work hours.


The POS software saves your work hours which otherwise would be wasted on paperwork regarding inventory management or taking a customer survey on a paper, etc. Your business data can be easily accessed on the go, at the same time you can save a great deal of time while going paperless.

Automated Price and Discount management for Products

While PromptTech POS suites have options to feed the pricing data of products manually, you can also import the product price information at one go. Once you have the pricing data discount offer details are easy to add or delete, which is accessed during checkout, you should not waste time in manually tally the total, or change the pricing for multi-buys.


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