Get high profitability & control over your Grocery & Minimart by using a Retail POS Software by PromptTech Solutions!

Easy & fast billing, reducing pilferage, smart purchase features, discount & scheme management, user configural invoicing & reports are the smart features to keep you in full control of your business!

A Grocery store or Minimart has several core areas that need to be addressed like return & wastage, inventory, expire and re-order management to name a few. A grocery POS system acts as a great ally & lets you handle all these with ease.

How do you save money with the PromptTech Solutions  Grocery Retail Software?

More efficiency

The grocery retail software offers effective inventory management with fast billing process that uses Barcode scanner supported POS system. GST supported billing mechanism is also present in the system.

Barcode Label Printing

The barcode label printing feature in the software enables you to print the label item wise, rate-wise, etc.

Fast Checkout Time

The fast billing feature in the POS system will improve employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity. Your employees can handle more customers at the counter & the customers don’t have to wait longer in the queue.

Multiple Payment Acceptance

The POS billing system allows you to process multiple payments methods like credit card, gift voucher, cash, etc. (splitting the bill) at the same time without generating different bills. This will save a lot of time for cashier and customer.

PromptTech Solutions integrated Grocery & Minimart POS Software is a well-integrated solution which will also streamline daily activities of your store.

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