Dubai is in the process of implementing the newly adopted knowledge-based economy. Dubai Government is definitely going the extra mile to bring in qualified professionals pan globe to their country.

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to open General or Dental clinics in both Dubai mainland and specific free zones (especially Dubai Healthcare City) to create interest in medical tourism.

Dental clinics are not just for medical care but beautification purposes as well opening a dental clinic in Dubai is more profitable than most other places due to its well off local and foreign population.

There exist specific rules and guidelines designed for opening a dental clinic in Dubai. All dental clinics come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Before opening a clinic in Dubai  :

  • All professionals & assisting staff should be qualified & trained in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Patients to be given complete information about the treatment procedure.
    Mandatory to maintain a comprehensive and accurate record for each patient.
  • Minimum space for dental room – 14 sq. meters. Reception area, waiting area (separate for males and females), toilets (separate for both genders) and area for storing patients’ records to be provided.
  • Warehouse type building is not allowed for dental clinics.
  • Proper ventilation is also must be there to remove odors, fumes etc
    All necessary dental equipment must be made available for providing dental services to patients
  • Mandatory to have all necessary personnel and equipment for handling any emergency situation.

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