Van Sales POS Software supports organisations with a singular, fully integrated Van Sales through POS Billing software for orders, payment, approaching customers and for the route planning approaches. It has been designed from the outset to incorporate handheld computers; this type of solution is a must in today’s competitive environment.

The Van Sales POS Software integrates with the delivery to give better business visibility, the Van sales and customer service opportunities. Our Digital Delivery System supports your Van Sales Business for expanding quickly by offering a custom system the way you want to.

Portable Printers

Modules are adopted incrementally for additional functions to install the growth.

  • Use of sales analytics and GPS to acknowledge your business level.
  • Route optimisation.
  • We are giving instant PoD recall.
  • You are getting to know your clients on a personal basis.
  • Predictable Sales Orders.
  • Data recalled immediately at your office.
  • The report on delivery status.
  • End of the day report.

Knowing the handheld device Features

The Office and the Field Operatives opting out Van Sales System gives your workers a helping hand, focusses them on delivering outstanding services to clients.


  • Drivers can improve their call with the appropriate delivery schedule.
  • Timely basis Customer report.
  • Accurate Stock Management.
  • We automated specific customer order suggestions.
  • Auto-delivery email invoices.
  • Give Offers, pricing & discounts.
  • Extensive Customer Profile.
  • Offline Operation.
  • End of the day report.

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