With so many POS systems available online, it can be quite confusing to pick what will help your retail business the best. What are those features that make one stand out more than the other? An efficient POS system can help you run your business smoothly and it can save you a lot of money. Here are some must-have features on the POS software you will buy:

Point of Sale features

The software must have Quick keys such as shortcuts to look up products from just a click at the keyboard. The POS system should basically be able to provide features to customers that make their purchase experience easy. If a customer wants to split is payments in different payment methods, that should be available – card, cash or vouchers. A shopper-friendly feature that allows returns and refunds to customers is also well-liked. When you have employees working at the register, all their sales must be individually logged to see what person exactly did what. An ideal software would provide user login access to each employee.

Managing Inventory

Keeping track of all your sales in a retail store is very important, regardless of how many products you have. A bulk upload option should be there so that you don’t have to log in all your products individually and enter each serial number. The software should allow you to upload variants of the same product in different sizes, colours, flavours etc. The POS software should allow you to print barcodes for each product so that the product remains trackable. Moreover, upon the purchase of a particular product, the stock must automatically deduct from the inventory list.

Customer Management

A customer record should be kept along with the list of their purchases, phone number, other contact details and feedback that they might have given to make their future experiences given. Upon the introduction of a promotion at a store, this contact detail can be used to send them a text message or email to inform them about the offer. A customer loyalty programme with a points and gift card system also is proven to boost sales.

Generating Reports

A dashboard available on the POS software can help you tell the status of your business. Sales per day or weekly, along with employee attendance reports and other profit and loss details and sales report should be available.

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