The KDS (Kitchen Display System) and POS (Point of Sale) are restaurant managing softwares that are often mistaken to be one and the same, but in reality, are significantly different. While a Point of Sale software works at the front of the house, the Kitchen Display System works behind the scenes. For a restaurant to be successfully operational, one needs the integrated assistance of both softwares, running simultaneously.

What is POS?

Like the name suggests it is the literal point where the sale happens, the transaction is completed here. But it does more than that. It is in the form of a mobile, tablet or a computer. This system records orders received at the restaurant, through an app or the website of the restaurant. POS also helps record employee data, manages inventory and connects with customers with marketing tools.

What is KDS?

KDS deals with helping to optimize the kitchen functions efficiently. This system deals with each segment of the kitchen separately. Placing a monitor at all the separate stations (grill, fry, sauté, pantry, and expo) in the kitchen makes all activity a time-saving deal. Each of those monitors has data transferred to it from the POS system. It would only display the particular job to be done at the respective station.

How the Integration is Beneficial

Managing Courses

Even though the entire order with all courses might come at once, the software will allow appropriate courses to reach on time they are meant to.

Saves Time

Upon dividing tasks at multiple stations, the order can be cooked at a faster pace without distraction of other kitchen duties. The software keeps track of the time of the order taken and the average cook time, nudging the chefs to stay on track.


In comparison to handwritten orders, orders being passed on via monitors make sure they’re legible and completely understood, leaving no room for mistake. The system can also record changes in the order, leading to no waste in the ingredients and other resources.

Delaying Cook Times

When a particular dish requires lesser time to cook and must be served later, it can be delayed, so that it reaches the customer while it’s fresh and at its best.

A KDS software needs to be integrated into the POS for the front and back of the restaurant to function hand in hand and to ensure the customers are happy.

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