In the course of this pandemic, with mobility being restricted and everything coming to a halt, businesses have taken a hit. There is no activity because of hindrances in accessibility. It will be most beneficial for businesses to move their business online in the form of an online store. But businesses often feel stuck as to how to go about it. That’s where PromptTech swoops in to the rescue. PromptTech helps to create an e-commerce store for the businesses and help them move online quiet easily. Every little detail is taken care of.

Leaving the technical details to PromptTech would mean one thing for you: comfort and ease. PromptTech takes care of every step that is required to build an e-commerce store for you! The first steps include deciding on a name and creating a logo that represents your business appropriately. Upon doing that, we can move on to acquiring all the licenses needed to conduct business and getting the employed identification number. With simply your presence and awareness, PromptTech handles all the hard-to-complete details in a jiffy.

Since the competition is so strong over the internet, it is important to find the right vendors who will only help in the progress of your business as well as those that comply to the values of your business. Before launching your business, PromptTech will make sure that the website is customized according to your needs and integrate it with software that will make conducting business activities easy such as with customer relationship management, accounting, project management, and email marketing.

With your own e-commerce store, you remove the middlemen and save a lot of money and manpower. Some verticals of an e-commerce store that will have a guaranteed success include the fashion and health industry. People love shopping for clothes, jewellery and other accessories online. Consider it a getaway or a good way to spend money. The health sector needs to put medical supplies available online considering the condition globally. People want medicines, masks, kits available online without having to leave their homes and risk their lives. Other than that, e-commerce stores that sell tech stuff and one that provides online education are on the road to becoming really big!

Another important thing to take into consideration is the payment gateways you are going to incorporate on your website. The ones that are available in the UAE are Telr, Payfort, Checkout, 2checkout, CCAvenue, PayTabs, and Cashu. Whatever may be the product you are selling, it is important to have tie-ups with delivery services in the UAE that will deliver your product. Some of the reliable options in the UAE include DTDC, Aramex, Firstflight, Flipx, Timexpress and FedX. PromptTech will successfully help you launch your UAE based e-commerce store without any hassle.

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