Van Sales is the most important connecting factor in the supply chain management of any delivery company. A lot of problems may arise during the course of delivery, from issues in logistics to actual physical obstacles. When you allot manpower to deliver a product, it is hard to keep track of them manually for various reasons. The man could be in an out of network area or phone died, etc. The delivery sequences just get off-track. The staff/personnel could take a route that is not prescribed. Other logistical problems include invoicing and keeping track of delivery and inventories. There can be mismatches or wrong deliveries.

So every Direct Store Delivery company would want to optimize the use of their resources and reduce costing per route taken for delivery. Timely delivery could also mean improving relationship with vendor/client and even get more customers because of references and good word. Another thing one would want to achieve is timely cashing out of the invoices. That’s where Van Sales App for Delivery Vans by PromptTech Solutions comes into the picture. It can help you mitigate all these problems.

This application is a holistic platform for all your needs. It keeps track of your van drivers, ensures that they’re using proper routes and lowers travel cost per delivery. The order placed by a customer can be tracked, and the inventory needs can be checked simply by opening the app. It omits the need for an extra need of hands to oversee all these details. Its synchronization status facility allows everything to sync on one platform and provide an updated report.

The application also assists in keeping track of the sales return, sales per shift and provides a rate edit feature in case of a change in the order. This flexibility in the app allows you to function with more versatility with your customers without worrying about the calculations. The Van Sales App for Delivery Vans also helps in the invoice-to-cash procedure as well as getting sales return against old invoice. All you have to of is enter the relevant data.

The application is easy to use and the user interface is quick to adapt. A special feature of the Van Sales App is that it promotes environmental sustainability. It has an e-billing feature, and it stores in your cloud to keep a record. You don’t even have to print it and you can save paper. With this application, your delivery vans and your products are safe and your resources are optimized!

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