If you own a restaurant, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of multiple things. Everything can be chaotic if it is not kept in order and constantly monitored. Restaurant business owners need to stay updated with the latest technology to get as much aid as possible in the business and ultimately optimizing the use of resources at hand and preventing wastage. Obviously, as a restaurant owner, you can’t stay in your restaurant all the time, and there will be times you’re on the go. Those are the times, where an application such as Le Rapport – A Restaurant POS tracking app can save your business.

Make your business report seem easy, simple and readable with the app’s graphical representation of your restaurant’s performance. Compare the trends at your restaurant and see what fields need improvement and those that are doing really well. Le Rapport has a live monitoring feature which lets you see all the current orders, cancelled orders, complementary deals and current sales.

The app allows you to read data per dish – what is being ordered the most, what is sent back, what is cancelled, what the people find expensive. When you look at what is being ordered more in the graphical representation produced by the app, you can make sure to be all stocked up and keep satisfying your customers without ever running out of the ingredients needed for that dish! Because of the ease of readability of data, you can make quick decisions on how to make your restaurant better.

The application helps you manage inventory and will automatically generate a profit and loss report at the end of a specified accounting period so you can keep track of your expenditure. Managing money, staff and resources becomes handy and easy with the Le Rapport – Restaurant POS Tracking app. When the inventory and orders are managed, you save food, ingredients and optimize time and basically generate a profit overall. Purchase reports from every interval can also be reviewed and optimized, as one can check what goes to waste every time, and what is needed the most in the kitchen.

When you are managing multiple branches or franchises of your restaurant, it can be really hard to go from place to place. This application gives you a branch wise detailed report for every single category. You can move about at your on time and get a report in your hand anywhere, anytime.

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