Managing a business can be quite challenging. There are multiple things to take care of on an everyday basis. That is why Point of Sales systems exist. Where you can log in data and it generates reports for you and billing is made easy. But with the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law in the UAE, it is important to incorporate that VAT in your POS software. PromptTech provides aa user-friendly system to make your operations easy with a VAT POS Billing system for your retail business. This system by PromptTech provides many features that will make business operations easy.


First thing you need to know about PromptTech’s VAT POS Billing System is that it is compatible with multiple hardwares and you can have remote-access, even when you’re not in the store. That means you can track the progress of the business on-the-go.

POS Billing

The system is integrated with features that help you switch and manage between different shifts of sales person in your store. It is equipped with a possibility for your customer to pay with multiple options – cash/card- without having to make a separate bill. This flexibility enhances your customer satisfaction. It automatically does VAT billing and does the right calculations for respective products to incorporate the VAT regulations.

Inventory Management

This VAT POS system allows to keep track of available inventory in the store and that moves between the store and the warehouse. The inventory management feature allows to manage all the products and categorizes them and helps generate a customized description for every unit. The system also generates barcodes.

Customer Loyalty

Managing customer loyalty is quite important if you want to maintain a strong base and retain customers. That’s why PromptTech’s VAT POS Billing system is also integrated with a customer loyalty program that has points for members at the retail store and alerts them about deliveries via text message, stores purchase history and provide points based on the purchase of the customers.

Accounting and Reports

Instead of having to do the cumbersome job of entering individual numbers and creating a report. The Account Management feature automatically calculates and does the process by taking into account the business transactions that take place in the store. A profit and loss report can be generated, You’ll be more aware of your cash flow, balance sheets and tax reports. The system also helps generate sales and expense report based on the purchases happened. Everything can be kept track of including stock analysis, detailed VAT report, and particulars from vendors and suppliers.

A great USP of PromptTech’s VAT POS Billing system is that is can be integrated into a multi-branch business and that it also provided an in-built backup cloud facility!

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