There are a million and one things to take care of and stay aware of whilst running a grocery store. Inventory to handle, leftovers to manage, check expiries and re-order things. There is too much purchase going on in multiple lines and it could be overwhelming to track everything manually. The PromptTech POS Billing Software will help you handle your stocks, billing and accounting requirements. It is integrated with a VAT supported mechanism to support the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law in the UAE. The store can be managed with ease and make tasks more efficient.


The billing system is integrated in a way that it is easy to use and has a configurable sales screen according to most needed features. With POS Billing, the details and numbers are automatically generated on to the system from the weighing scale to improve accuracy. Besides, at the time of the purchase, the customers can choose to pay their bills in different payment methods without having to make separate bills – cash, card, gift vouchers etc. PromptTech also allows the system of purchase based on credit and maintain a customer outstanding report. It also automatically generates the Value Added Tax (VAT) for the whole purchase.

Managing Stock

Inventory management is a tricky business while managing a grocery store. It can be hard to maintain an accurate idea o what has been selling and what’s not, what needs to be reordered, what products have low shelf life and are going to waste. There are numerous details to worry about. Upon initial purchase the details can be logged in based on quantity and henceforth based on sales, the POS billing software by PromptTech manages a filter-based system for easy access to all the data you need about your inventory.

Customer Loyalty Program

Based on the credit system and providing points on a purchase, a base is developed for customer loyalty. Managing customer loyalty is quite important to maintain a strong base and retain customers. That’s why PromptTech’s VAT POS Billing system is also integrated with a customer loyalty program that has points for members at the retail store and alerts them about deliveries via text message, stores purchase history and provide points based on the purchase of the customers.

Report Generation

Based on purchases and data logged in, the POS Billing Software can generate multiple reports to remain in the know-how of your business. The software can generate a report for all Purchase Order, Supplier Ledger, Quotation, Pending Quotation, Rejected Quotation, Detailed Sales Order, Deleted Sales, Customer Outstanding, Daily Sales, Counter Wise Sales, POS Return, Item Wise Sales, Sales Man-wise Sales, Day Close, Tax etc.

Time Saving

Needless to say, when so much work is done at the few clicks on a keyboard or a few swipes, a lot of time is saved. The work that is done is not only accurate but also efficient. To monitor and to work towards the betterment of the grocery business is more productive than to manually count remaining stocks and generate analysis reports.

The PromptTech POS Billing Software is compatible on all hardware – Computer, Tablet, Mobile phones and Laptop.

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