A salon business is associated with providing the rejuvenation and relaxation of the customer that walks in. That could mean going leaps and bounds to ensure they get the customer satisfaction they came for. That involves keeping everything in perfect shape and running smoothly to avoid disruption of activities. The PromptTech Salon Manager is the solution to manage a salon optimally and to keep it plain sailing. The software has many features that can make operating a salon easy.

Managing Appointments

Booking appointments will become fairly easy. It is as simple as opening the software and entering the details of your customer. The software generates a calendar that marks your appointments for the day very clearly, so double-booking is not a worry at all. The calendar also shows open slots and leaves room for pre-bookings and immediate add-ons. When the client arrives and leaves, he/she can be checked in/out. The software is integrated to send appointment reminders to the client who has made bookings beforehand. The PromptTech Salon Manager is customizable to a template that works for you.

POS Billing

The software is integrated with a Point of Sales (POS) feature that calculates all transactions immediately and automatically creates a VAT invoice. Upon the sale of a product, the software is mechanized to adjust the inventory. It also tracks discounts given, refunds that were made and billing based on vouchers redeemed. The sales report can be generated based on each operator, each service and each day.

Managing Inventory

The products used in a salon are for the body and are perishable. It is thus important to ensure the stock is replenished and is replaced upon expiry. The inventory can easily be managed with this software as it keeps track of sales and dates of purchase. The software can centralize your product list with pricing, descriptions and sizes.

Managing Employees

The software helps generate a staff-wise service report, consolidation and commissions. Based on that it also helps calculate incentives. It keeps track of employee salaries and all their skill sets and marks the attendance of the staff.

Managing Customers

Keeping in touch with your customers and making them feel recognized when they come again can be a start to customer loyalty. When they feel acknowledged they might want to come again and that’s why the software is integrated with a system that keeps a record of their contact details and tracks client notes. It stores a history of their services received and their appointments. The software generates SMS communication with the customer to offer information about deals, offers etc.

Tracking Progress

The only way to track progress in business is to see numbers on reports. Based on data that is logged in the PromptTech Salon Management software, it generates an end of the day report, salary and inventory reports, service and retail sales, back bar usage, sales tax, appointments and general statistics. Furthermore, there is a staff wise service provided and commission report.

The software is compatible with multiple hardware such as the Computer/PC, mobile phone, tablet and the laptop. You can view the status of your salon from anywhere because of its online and cloud back-up feature.

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