There’s quite a competition when it comes to the spa business. It is important to stay ahead while being tech-savvy and satisfying the many customers at the spa. Due to the use of the many perishable goods in the treatments, it is important to know what stock is available and how frequently it needs to be plenished, in other words, inventory management. This process if done optimally will reduce waste and save your spa business a fortune.

PromptTech brings a POS Billing & Inventory Management Software for Spa to do just that. Its many features provide effective solutions to managing your spa efficiently.

Bookings and Appointments

When a customer calls or comes over, making a booking is simple. All one needs to do is to open the software and enter the details of your customer and the service needed. The software generates a calendar and all the appointments for the day are scheduled and double-booking can easily be avoided. In the calendar, you can also see all the open slots as it leaves room for pre-bookings and immediate add-ons. The checking in/out feature is integrated into the software. The software is integrated to send appointment reminders to the client who has made bookings beforehand. The PromptTech Billing & Inventory Management Software for Spa is customizable and can be adjusted according to the needs of the spa.

Inventory Management

Controlling the inventory is most essential and the best way to save any costs in a business. The software allows a systematic way of monitoring and controlling any item. It is impossible to manage so many items annually. Upon the purchase of a product, during billing, it automatically gets deducted from the stockpile logged in, and can be reversed during the return of a product. Point of Sale is integrated into this management system to make handling inventory better.

POS Billing

The software is integrated with a Point of Sales (POS) feature that calculates all transactions immediately and automatically creates a VAT invoice. Upon the sale of a product, the software is mechanized to adjust the inventory. It also tracks discounts given, refunds that were made and billing based on vouchers redeemed. The sales report can be generated based on each operator, each service and each day.


This PromptTech Billing & Inventory Management Software for Spa is integrated with an accounting interface that helps maintain an automated ledger, keeps track of profits and losses, all receipts and invoices.


All the data such as the product costs, stock price, taxes, month-to-month consumption, petty cash expense, sales and more are consolidated into reports for easy viewing and understanding.

The PromptTech Billing & Inventory Management Software for Spa is compatible on all hardware – Computer, Tablet, Mobile phones and Laptop. You can view the status of your spa on the go and view it in real time.

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