A boutique would be a personalized collection of clothing. It can be pretty tedious to manage a boutique business, customers, all the vendors amongst the heap of paperwork. PromptTech provides a simple solution to make your business free of any hassle – Boutique Billing & Inventory Management Software. With this software installed in any of your devices, be it a PC or laptop, phone or tablet, you can monitor and edit the details of conducting your business on the go. This doesn’t just eradicate unnecessary paperwork, but this tech-savvy solution also makes you environmentally sustainable. This software by PromptTech is integrated with multiple features.

Sales and Goods Availability

This software allows you to enter details of all your clothes, shoes and accessories piece by piece, by its availability in a choice of colours and sizes. Such an organization will make the search for the product easy, in case a customer has queries about the availability. The various products can be grouped by functionality or occasion and show a wide range of combination.

Managing Inventory

Controlling the inventory is most essential and the best way to save any costs in a business. Knowledge of the stock available makes sales easy. The stock can be tracked and updated with each purchase and return and gets automatically updated in the inventory list. The Boutique Billing & Inventory Management Software uses real-time sales data analysis to make informed inventory purchases. Throughout the purchasing process, the software has a systematic way of monitoring and controlling any item.

POS Billing

The software is easy to use and is quite user-friendly as its interface is designed this way. That allows quick billing whilst entering all details. The swiftness increases customer satisfaction. The billing system is also integrated with VAT billing. Upon the sale of a product, the software is mechanized to adjust the inventory. It also tracks discounts given, refunds that were made and billing based on vouchers redeemed. The sales report can be generated based on each operator, each service and each day.

Caring for the Customers

Boutiques tend to develop a regular customer base as some people can develop a liking to the particular taste and niche it offers. This software allows to keep track of billing details and notes the customer provides on his/her purchase an during the time of the next, their [references are given priority.

Financial Aspects and Accounting

This Boutique Billing & Inventory Management Software is integrated with an accounting interface that helps maintain an automated ledger, keeps track of profits and losses, all receipts and invoices. It involves keeping track of General Accounting, Management Accounting, & Fixed Assets Management with all statutory reports and helps to avoid and cross entry.

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