Managing an optic shop is no piece of cake. There are important data that need to be carefully implemented in creating of the spectacles and contact lenses. One cannot afford to have that mismanaged. But when so many other tasks go into managing an optical retail shop, it can be hard. There are patients to manage, inventory to take care of, the whole profitability of the business and staff to look over. PromptTech has an easy solution to mitigate all your problems on the hand – Point of Sale Software for Optic Shop. The software provides many features to help run your business smoothly.

Inventory Management

The system in the software has an algorithm that maintains accurate control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, and other services when the particular purchase is billed and then automatically gets deducted from the stock list.

Point of Sale Billing and Accounting

The POS terminals accept multiple payment types like cash, card and vouchers and also accepts split payments for a single bill. While billing, there are several product search options by item description, price point or brand or any other user-defined categories. The POS software also functions as a billing software & accounting software app and keeps track of the purchase when customers pay a certain amount of deposit for their spectacles before they make full payment of the receipt.

Payments and Finance

The software helps manage all the transactions and allows multiple modes of payment. It generates a detailed summary of profit and loss, balance sheet and a trial balance. The software also maintains a Purchase Return Register, Supplier Ledger, Purchase Register, Receipt Register, Petty Cash Expense, Cheque book Reminder.

Customer Management

When dealing with customers, all details must be accurate and real. All the details and the purchases of every customer can be brought out by logging in their phone number f there has been a purchase before. The optometry history and account details are logged in and all appointment details are also there. The customers are reminded of their pick up date, the day they can come to collect their glasses. There is an option to record info for your customer to keep as their reference like the customer’s previous eye vision readings or eye care requirements for the purpose of customer satisfaction on their next visit.


Based on the data logged in, the software can generate a sales report, end of day reports, salesman wise sales report, profit and loss, etc.


The software can be integrated and installed on your phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. The flexibility allows you to keep track of your optical shop on the go, without having to be present all the time.

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