Having a laundry business is challenging. Your retail shops provide the services of cleaning fabrics for their customer, various types, and its possible that orders get mixed up if your operations are manual. Your reliable for the safety of the clothing items that are submitted to you for cleaning. With PromptTech’s Laundry Billing & Inventory Management Software you can ensure a secure environment, where everything is organized, and warehouse management that keeps track of inventory and other features like developing a Sales report, Delivery management, customer details, employee details and availability, SMS and mail alerts on delivery etc.

It is an efficient and affordable way to conduct the operations of your business. Managing administration, inventory and customers is complex. Why waste time doing it manually when software can do it for you. The Laundry Billing & Inventory Management Software is sophisticated and tweaked to create an interactive and informative experience for the functioning of the laundry store.

POS Billing

The software is integrated with a VAT billing feature that records all specifications of the clothes given for laundry. The software helps manage all the transactions and allows multiple modes of payment like cash, cards and vouchers. Customers can eve split their payment without having to make another bill. This is integrated with an online payment system as well. This POS is also integrated with all printer support, multi-store management, automatic invoicing, auto-back ups and free updates.

Inventory Management

There are several washing and dry cleaning materials that are needed in the laundry business. Apart from that a post-cleaning material for packaging also needs to be available in stock. To constantly check the status of washers, dryers and pressers. If anything needs maintenance and fixing, the POS system will remind you.

Seamless Delivery System

All garments can be tracked through the process with efficiency. The delivery dates can be customized through the system and that in turn ensures that the pieces of clothing and other garments are ready on time and are delivered to the correct addresses. There is no room for mistakes.


The software can be integrated and installed on your phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. This facility allows you to keep track of your laundry retail store on the go, without having to be present all the time and while switching between multiple branches. You don’t have to stay and oversee every function. It functions in real-time.


Based on the data logged in, the software can generate a sales report, end of day reports, salesman wise sales report, profit and loss, all bank deposits and withdrawals, quotation wise sales, pending bill details, profit and loss statements, balance sheet etc.

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