Generally, the sale system handles cash, card transactions and a proper application, and it may also opt for a robust multi-location inventory. Recently, the new generation point of sale systems are rendering hands for the business management or retail management software to attract, retain and delight the customers with their satisfactory needs.

If you are a new retailer, building an initial customer base is the most challenging task. Once you have done the built-up of customer base, retaining is a big challenge to impede. It operates not only based on quality, but you have to compete at all the levels of price, quality, consistency and so on.

One best way to retain your most loyal customers and drive new foot traffic exponentially, is to run attractive promotion offers. Use your POS software to create percentage discounts and combo offers or even offer extra loyalty point promotion for specific products. It’s all quickly done and proven hacks to work because everyone loves a refund. Here comes three proven ways to do that.

Loyalty programs

Apart from issuing punch cards or track customer’s history using some type of member’s card, you can simply collect e-mail information at the checkout. Modern cloud-based POS software will then collect customer’s data when a client comes in and provides name, loyalty rewards program along with their points will be added to their account automatically based on their purchase history. You can also use this e-mail address information for targeted future promotions.


Giving special discounts on popular products will allow you to draw new traffic into your store as well as increase the number of impulse purchases in your store. With the bins for promotional priced items or even the occasional free samples, you can work to remove unwanted stock while making a much higher profit because of the added foot traffic in your store.

Offers & More

Offering a two for one discount on specific items or marking down certain products or at your store can generate a massive boost in sales as well bring a considerable interest from your loyal customers. Sending them an e-mail about markdowns will generate a tremendous amount of traffic with cloud-based point-of-sale software, for introducing a discount on certain inventory items at any time for beginning this promotion. You can make use of mobile customer numbers to send bulk offer SMS or Bulk Whatsapp promotional message.

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