Grocery shoppers experience the large product varieties, welcoming surroundings, sales efficiency and value for the money. The margins are small and the competitions are intense. This manages your daily operations that can break or make your business. The food retailers face the handling of large extremely varied products.

The common cause is out of stock products that lead to lost sales of the grocery business. Grocery products are perishable as they exhibit different life-cycles complicating the inventory management and ordering.

Grocery retailers have to provide high quality and speedy service of products. The fast and efficient check-out seems critical, as each check-out line has to keep moving by processing more items per minute, that happens under pressure.

We have the software solutions with the grocery store POS systems for managing effortlessly all the business processes directly from our back office. This customizes the pricing to inventory management, to analyze sales and vendor performance, also managing campaigns and offers. The information is delivered across the whole organization to give you a real-time overview of your business.

The features are automated for time-saving purposes and allowing the head office to focus on high-return activities.

Stock control

The customer sales gives the detailed information to easily manage your inventory and to find the right product mix to maximize your revenue. This generally meet the sales goals for each one of your grocery stores.

Save your time and resources by automatic replenishment set up of the standard stock.

The advanced inventory features includes the integrated wireless technology for your staff for becoming more mobile and productive. The head office feels confident that the stock databases are always up-to-date.

Increased flexibility & speed

We assure the increased speed and flexibility at your checkout. The solution has a copy of the database on each POS, that gives maximum speed cum resilience, even when POS has been used several times at your store.

During our peak hours, there would be no loss of speed in anyways. The fast-paced operations has to be assured along with the customer’s satisfaction. Our solutions offer the self-checkouts.

The customer mobile app

Ensure the returning customers by serving increased loyalty using the Retail’s mobile app. Customers can use loyalty rewards for creating shopping lists. You can invite customers to come to your stores by sending promotions, customized offers, and electronic coupons directly to their mobile.

The POS features

Empower your sales associates to access various information on the POS interface. The grocery stores commonly share the information of their products through the POS interface, this gives their staff the tools to provide excellent customer service. This features are available both on stationary terminals and on tablet devices.

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