We do want to implement the very best technology in our business. At times, it might mean having to spend thousands of dollars to avail amazing and the latest technological pieces. The objective here is to make use of innovative technology to regain back initial investment made and to ensure that our business is able to grow manifolds.

It is basic human nature for us to desire bells & whistles, when software is concerned. With technology making constant advancements, there are numerous features that can actually help your spa or salon. There are many owners who have very clear opinions pertaining to their likes and dislikes about their software.

It is necessary for all salons to implement some kind of financial software system like the QuickBooks (R) or any other one to carry out basic client management and accurate numbers recording for accounting purpose. However, depending upon your specific situation, there might not be required all additional features. In case, you are shopping for the very first time to buy a new software package, then there are some factors that you need to consider, which are given below.

Cost: Software cost need to be relative to the one the purpose it is meant to serve. If thousands are invested in a system, then ensure that it is used effectively and it is not restricted to some glorified cash register. Several credit card processing systems are available in the market which does proivde basic reporting pertaining to retail purchases and services.

In case, you have just started or is a small saloon, then software investment can mean spending huge part of the budget. Hence it should be used wisely.

Time investment: What is the duration required to understands and master the updates, analyze data and understand basic reporting menus.

In case, your salon has limited support staff, and you spend most of the time sitting on the chair, then trying to use fully what is available can be difficult as you might be busy. Before purchasing a system, explore them thoroughly.

Customer service: If implanting the system for the first time, then it can be real expensive. Several companies do offer unlimited service manuals and customer service, for quick reference, others might charge for each phone call placed.

If there is not present well properly trained staff with knowledge to troubleshoot potential problems, then having a software charging fee for each question can become costly as there can be more questions!

Reporting: It is essential to pull up reports and this process needs to be easy and simple. In case, it is tough to pull up useful information or simply does not make sense, then do ensure entering information correctly.

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