Given below are the ways to check if your Restaurant POS System or Software is outdated or not

Sales data is not clear

The primary function of the perfect restaurant POS system helps you to properly manage the sales data by providing clear and dependable statistics on the summary of transactions and revenue for the day etc. So, if this purpose is not being served and if you are not getting the data that will help you manage your restaurant business better from your current POS, it’s a sure shot sign that it is time to replace your outdated POS.

Traditional Loyalty programs

If your POS system is unable to handle your loyalty program and you are still stuck in a rut with old-fashioned loyalty programs for customers, you need a change. Today you need to have dynamic loyalty programs that are restructured regularly, to delight the new and loyal customers of your restaurant and thereby to enhance your business.

Integration of functions is limited

Suppose you want to integrate various functions, for eg a guest feedback system or a payment gateway, it should be possible. If you have an old POS you may find yourself helpless to do so because your POS may not be capable of holding such integration. If such a situation arises, it is time to make the change and get a new POS system.

Maintenance Cost

Regular maintenance is necessary for technology. But taking care of that for your old POS system can be a burden as it would take a lot of your time and money. Imagine a scenario where clients are waiting for their turn to make the payment but out of the blue, the system just crashes; and it happens repeatedly. An outdated POS gets to be very expensive to maintain with continuous incidents of, hardware defects, technical faults or just bugs; thus adding to total expenses and cutting away from your profits.

Support is inactive

Many times, the system hangs during a transaction or the system simply stops working. And looking for help with urgency, you call up your POS system vendor only to get no response. If customer support is inactive or delayed it is one of the signs indicating that the POS is outdated.

User Interface is tedious

It is possible that you find that the user interface of your POS system is not end-user friendly or it is just not of any help in making your business any easier. This means that you would have had to make many compromises on efficiency because of your having to work with an outdated POS system.

Data Backup Issue

Most of the outdated POS software come across backup issue, it may be due to less storage or due to corrupted software

Does not match your performance

You are not able to synchronize your restaurant’s functioning with your existing POS system. In short, the system is not able to provide you with any real-time data about your revenue, expenses, sales transactions or even to help you understand your ROI over a period. Obviously, this means that it is time for you to upgrade your POS system.

Too many hardware requirements

A POS that is up to date with modern technology will require minimum hardware resources. But if you need separate systems to manage reservations and to keep a check on your stock and inventory; or a totally different personal computer to handle cashiering, then clearly its time to change the POS and get the latest in restaurant management software.

Guest waiting time’s getting longer

The use of technology is intended to make speed up work and make it easier. But an old-style POS can turn things on the head and can even keep your customers waiting for longer at the restaurant. This is definitely an urgent sign or warning that you’re using an outdated POS and its time for an updated model.

Not Use friendly

As the technology changes software versions and codes should be updated. Now all days users prefer to make use of software data and report on the go. So its recommended to use a mobile device friendly software.

There are so many aspects to think about which will help you decide if you must change your existing restaurant management system or not. But if you have answered ‘yes, this is my situation’ to even half of the above-mentioned signs, then there is an imminent need to change your current POS system and get the latest one.

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