The POS software has the barcode scanner, inventory management, mobile wallet payment, AI technology and tablet POS for the retail stores. This had been trusted by more than a thousand stores.

Easy Usage

There is a high rate of employee turnover at the retail business that requires POS for fastness and easy way to be used by the staff. This can allow your current staff and new staff to use the POS software with ease.

Save Hardware Cost

You always require hardware and accessories besides software. The hardware ranges from hundred to thousand dollars of cost. There are still perfect solutions to save up to 50% in all the hardware devices.

Grow with POS software

You can work offline, just as you work by online. You may either have an Internet connection or may not, your business can work smoothly. The POS software backups the data as it automatically syncs.

Android and Windows POS

The use of tablet POS runs your point of sale software on tablets and Ipads. Your customers don’t want to come to the POS, but the POS can directly reach the customers.

POS Apps

The personalized shopping experience serves vital for every success. The point of sale app lets customers to checkout anywhere as needed without being next to its physical counter.


The POS software adds the items very fastly with orders and scans the labels with barcode scanners or through mobile apps. It can also capture the electronic signature seamlessly as it enables smooth payments for your beloved customers.


The POS software in retails work well with the cash drawers, terminals, barcode scanners, receipt printers, hardware and payment processing devices.

Real-Time Reports

The real-time reports shows the most busy hours, the best-sellers and locates the target customers with the customer profiles that include gender, age and race.

The Real-time reports are based on

  • The top-selling items
  • Purchasing behaviours of customers
  • The Sales per employee
  • Frequency of buying
  • Buying choices of them
  • Tracking the employees
  • The lifetime value of shoppers

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