Restaurant inventory management can be a real challenge. Manual inventory management will require spending lots of time every month to count condiments. With the latest Restaurant POS system, time spent on managing restaurant inventory can be managed significantly.

The initial setup is considered to be the toughest part when it comes to managing inventory. It will involve entering of initial numbers of all products that is to be kept track of. It is equally crucial to define the items to be eliminated from the inventory after an item is sold from the menu. For example, on sale of omlette, the system is to be programmed to deduct eggs, oil, toppings and cheese from the inventory. The defined food recipe does this in the system. All ingredients that is required for the menu preparation is to be specified, so that as it is sold, all ingredients get removed from inventory.

The system also allows purchase order creation from vendors. On exhaustion of eggs, for example, purchase order is generated for more eggs. As the eggs arrive, the system is entered with the numbers and the inventory is automatically added, which is quite efficient.

Auto-generation of purchase orders is allowed by many stems to speed-up the entire process. System can be setup to create purchase order, as items get low on stock and entered automatically into inventory upon fresh arrival.

For backorders from vendor, it is stored by the POS system and awaited, after which they add to the inventory on arrival.

Food waste is also accounted for. For example, if dozen eggs are dropped on the floor, then this can be entered quickly as food waste.

Although no inventory system can be termed to be completely hands off, the inventory management system inbuilt in the restaurant POS system does make inventory management to be more hands off when compared to manual inventory adjustment. It helps you to spend precious time and focus on the other business aspects.

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