Save Money on Van Sales Software for Wholesale & Distribution Business

The wholesale distribution company might do Direct Store Delivery to sell your products to your retail customers. You would deliver products directly to the retail store, skip the retail company’s distribution center and go straight to the shops where goods are sold to the final customer.

It presents an unique upselling opportunity, so the drivers are right in front of the customer with stock. The customers will see what they want or realize to need to order more items.

Your van or truck driver would make an immediate sale in such situations. If they don’t have an inventory and the customer needs a last-minute order of some item, they can quickly check to see if the inventory is available at the warehouse.

Your driver will not make the sale, without the right tools in place. To check the inventory, he would go through a series of convoluted steps like checking back with the warehouse, making multiple calls and so forth. This avoids easy sales from taking place. There is an unnecessary amount of time wasted when your workers could be going to the next store.

The Benefits of Van Sales Software

Implement a van sales software for your business. This allows your drivers to make sales while they are out with customers. It connects to a tablet (iPad) or other mobile device to your ERP system. When the drivers are onsite with their tablet, they can make quick sales and have inflation communicated back to the company through the internet.

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