Why your Business should find it critical to use Mobile First Strategy?

Mobile First Strategy? Not understood it completely or heard at all?

Quick explanation

In case you prefer to use smartphones, then you may have come across Whatsapp, Uber, Pinterest or Instagram! Do you peer to make use of such apps over the web or mobile?

Mobile! Why?

The reason is because, they have been designed for targeting mobile users initially. An assumption is that you possess a smartphone having internet connection and can experience the apps over mobile offering immense value.

Hence, Flipkart, the country’s retail giant by 2015 has gone all mobile. As a matter of fact, Myntra, the company that they had recently acquired had declared that they had gone from May 1 completely mobile.

It is in the user data analytics that the answer is said to lie

  • For making the transactions, how many prospects and customers prefer using mobile apps?
  • The number of leads that mobility has been able to generate?
  • Conversion rate through mobile users?

Google Webmaster’s latest update states that mobile-friendliness of Google would be expanded as ranking signal. From 21st April 2015, significant effect is noticed on optimization on mobile searches. This does put to rest your doubts with regards to increasing importance of mobile-usage and mobility.

It is the right time for thinking seriously about going mobile. Both software and hardware, has taken huge leaps for moving towards meeting customer expectations. Superior user experience can now be provided by mobile.

The smartphone does play a crucial role in everyone’s daily life. Customer’s attention is lured by businesses with their service uniqueness.

Mobile apps do play a critical role to assist enterprises to turn digital. An agile approach is taken by mobile apps and has been integral part of Internet of Things. Wider reach can be opted for at a single go with mobile-first strategy.

Why digital transformation pulse is regarded to be mobility?

Digital transformation focus has been enhancing customer experience Omni channel or absolute user experience. Therefore, mobile first approach early adopters have been reaching much faster the target audience, while others get stuck with their traditional approach.

The current market has all leading digital service providers to focus upon adopting mobility for ROI. Gartner’s report state that by 2018, 50% increase in smartphone and tablet can be noticed for online activities.

It is necessary for marketers to embrace mobility to avail the opportunities. Be it insurance, healthcare, retail or banking, using mobility, digital has been taking charge slowly. Be it digitization of insurance and banking sector or mHealth, the sudden retail surge should be considered as they are reliant on mobility.

Whether to go for Android app or iOS development is your question, then the blog can assist you.

Why your business can benefit from Mobile First Strategy?

  • Mobile phone specific sub-domains is setup by companies, since audience in huge numbers prefer performing few jobs when on the move, proving it to be time saving.
  • Location-based technologies such as beacons have been introduced. Smartwatches, payment portal connection with mobile devices, etc. means need to go for mobile-strategy is essential.
  • With BYOD culture rising, mobile devices are to find more favor, thereby making enterprise mobility strategy to become equal common scenario.

One essential point here is your business strategy definitely is vital. Without planning, developing any mobile strategy for sustainable business model would be similar to constructing castle in air.

Priorities to be followed for mobile-first strategy

An insight into business requirements and types combined with processes can help to take better decisions.

Strong Architecture: With robust architecture, it is possible to provide scalability, be flexible and secured. Moreover, your business type does determine the complexity that is to be adopted within the technical architecture. Channelizing enterprise mobility architecture can help save precious resources, money and time, while adding your application with operational flexibility.

User experience: An important component without which all processes are incomplete.

Equally Robust Backed and Middleware: Frontend part is the most focused one. Equal importance is to be given to backend and middleware also, since scalable backend support as well as strong middleware can help handle all connectivity requirements and is termed to be sturdy enterprise mobility’s backbone.

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