Magnetic Card Reader : Modern times require modern devices of data entry. Automate your data entry with a magnetic card reader. Installing a magnetic stripe reader helps save time, improve your efficiency and streamline the data entry process.

POS Software : Buying an all-in-one POS which requires you to install every software is a wasted resource. It is like having an all-in-one printer which cannot scan, print or fax without installing the necessary software. Instead of that, a POS software which is compatible, allows the merchant to choose the software to run and covers most business processes is a better choice.

A Built-in Customer Display : Installing a customer display helps you keep your customer engaged while you serve. The ease of being able to follow the service process will help build a better customer relationship. It can also be used to promote your products according to customer preferences.

Touch-Screen-Display : Touch screens have accelerated the transaction processes in food and retail services. Touch screen menus are user-friendly requiring lesser training periods. A POS system with built-in touch screen display is a sound investment for your business.

Interface to integrate with multiple devices : A POS system is useless if, it cannot work in tandem with multiple devices like PCs, scanners, readers, and scales. Being compatible with LAN interfaces to allow for real-time data sharing is an added feature which makes your business ready for the future. Inclusion of interfaces like USB, LAN and RS232 are considered mandatory for an all-in-one POS system.

Secure POS : A closed and embedded POS system is known to reduce malware attacks. Also since it does not allow installation of third-party software, a closed POS system is safer. But, it is advisable to install security software to protect your PCs connected to the POS.

Integrated Printing using Easy Load : An all-in-one POS which requires you to install additional hardware like printers is an additional burden requiring you to add said software to manage the same. As said earlier, an efficient POS should offer integrated software and printers to hasten the customer billing process. The EASY LOAD integrated printer is one such feature that helps you save time in customer billing. In-demand features for integrated printing include thermal fast printers which support printing of bar codes, logos and graphics which can also be used for marketing messages.

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