Given below are some of the Issues faced by traditional stores

Maintenance of over one store: There are some having more than a single store or chain of stores. It only makes item/product lookup, but checking overall sales report, inventory transfer and other things to become difficult.

Efficiency level: With regards to QSRs and retail stores, trying to manage billing and customers simultaneously especially during store hours can be difficult. Cash register billing or hand billing does take time and it becomes impossible to serve customers in huge numbers within less time.

Maintenance of receivables and payments: Options are not offered by cash registers to keep tab on receivables and payments hence, without billing solution, proper manual track will be necessary, thus taking time.

Maintain stock track: This is crucial for any business. The cash register does not serve such needs.

Ensuring customer satisfaction: This is utmost important for any type of business. Delivery can become a problem if billing takes lots of time. Retaining customers will also pose a problem.

How these issues can be solved with a billing app?

The billing app can be termed to be a complete solution to bill, develop customer loyalty, maintain stocks, manage customers, receivables and payables, manage multiple stores, accounting, track reports, etc.

Generate bill in seconds: With the app, it becomes much easier to generate bills as hand billing is not necessary. Using billing system, bills can be printed seconds, thus reducing customer waiting time.

Enhance customer satisfaction level: The billing system can help you to develop and increase customer satisfaction. It ensures smaller queue, combined with on-time and right delivery, customer loyalty and discounts, thereby leading to overall customer delight.

Reduce shrinkage: As you are in a better position to maintain the stock properly and keep track of inventory from time to time, it is very much easier to reduce shrinkage. This in turn, enhances material and money flow, helping the business to function smoothly and efficiently as well as improve in leaps and bounds.

Generate reports: Upon using billing solution, there is no more the need to keep manual track of aspects related to the business. It is the system that tends to perform every aspect that is essential for the smooth functioning of the business. You just need to check reports generated from the system.

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