Mobile POS systems have changed the way business is conducted in a retail or restaurant business. When everything from customer profile building to credit card payment and management of financial data is being upgraded with technological advances in the business sector, Mobile POS and paperless transactions are becoming the new way of conducting business.

Even though the technological upgrade comes with its share of convenience, there are customers who have their reservations when it comes to going paperless for receipts. For some people, security and privacy matter a lot and printed receipts offer an easy way to gain the confidence of this small segment of customers.

Customer is the King

This motto in business helps build your customer base and retain your loyal customers. Do not neglect the customers who prefer printed receipts. Hence, it would be prudent to provide an option to print the receipt even if you employ a mobile POS system. This way, you are able to satisfy every kind of customer.

E-Receipts and a case of Warranty/Return

While many vendors try their best to make product return hassle-free, a customer would feel secure and confident with a paper receipt when the product needs replacement. Unless a customer prudently organises his mail communications into folders reflecting the product receipts, he/she may find it hard to search his/her inbox for product receipt and warranty, when a product requires repair services within the warranty period. This is not so in case of a printed receipt, which can be easily organised into safekeeping along with other product documents.

Do you Secure your Financial Data over Cloud?

For small businesses, installing a cloud network for data storage and access is in itself a costly affair. If in such a scenario, a computer virus wipes your data clean, there is no way to retrieve product sale receipts required for filing your company tax. This would be much easier if the company stores the printed receipts as a backup option.

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