PromptTech Restaurant Point of Sale is a restaurant management software developed by PromptTech, a leading software brand operating with the aim of providing advanced and easy- to- use digital solutions. It is a simple, user-friendly and efficient software designed for the management of restaurants and cafes.

This software is easy to understand, and is compatible with all laptops, all desktops, window tablets, and POS machines. It incorporates almost all features needed for running a restaurant business. Useful features such as kitchen inventory, KOT (Kitchen Order Tickets), POS, food delivery, food items available, cost of each food item, waste management, and more are available in it.

PromptTech Restaurant Point of Sale inbuilt billing features incorporate sections including description or name of the food item, each of their rate, comments, and a search panel. Billing details such as quantity, amount, total, tax, discount percentage, discount amount, and net amount can also be saved. The software has a button to let the user delete a particular row if it is not needed.

It also lets you save and access details such as the type of order (dine in or home delivery), waiter name (in case of dine in), driver name and phone number (in case of home delivery), customer name, bill number, etc. at the top of the display. At the lower end, there are features to save, cancel, and print bill. There are also functions to check running orders (multiple KOT), and have a quick report of the orders currently placed.

You can generate reports like time-wise sales report using this software. Thus, using PromptTech Restaurant Point of Sale for the management of your restaurant business can be very much useful and simplify things for you, your business and your employees. It can enhance the efficiency of management of your business, and thereby increase your productivity.

We invite you to buy and install this handy restaurant management software. If you would like a demo of it, please visit https://www.prompttechsolutions.com/software/restaurant. In case you would like customized version of this software, PromptTech will cater to your requirement.

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