The UAE’s retail market is expanding in the grocery sector with the increased migration of its people to the suburbs, growth of real-estate, and influx of tourists. The busier lives of the residents, and consumer demands for more convenient retail outlets are giving rise to new retail grocery stores and mini marts throughout the cities and suburbs.

Further, the upcoming EXPO 2020, which is expected to bring numerous tourists here, offers another opportunity for these stores to reap the advantages of a larger customer base. However, the management of grocery stores and mini marts is not an easy thing. A lot of things go into it.

Bearing this in mind, PromptTech, a leading software developing brand has developed a best software exclusively for this purpose. PromptTech Grocery Manager is a simple, easy- to- learn, and user-friendly POS software designed for managing grocery and mini mart businesses. It has been inbuilt with features that systemize your business and increase its efficiency in inventory management.

PromptTech Grocery Manager is easily installable; and is compatible with hardware including POS machines, all desktops, all laptops, and windows tablets. It is also GCC VAT ready for the Middle East market.

PromptTech Grocery Manager app’s features enables managing stock, tax invoice, credit customers and settlement, barcode, suppliers, and a lot more. Additionally, this app can be easily linked to your weighing machine.

This comprehensive integration of all management functions into one single platform, provides for absolute clarity and better control over the diverse facets of a grocery or minimart business. This eventually would translate into reduction of time wastage, enhanced productivity, increased revenue, and higher profitability.

We encourage you to go digital, and keep pace with the advancements of this digital era with PromptTech Grocery Manager. Get Free Demo Today on Grocery Manager Software https://www.prompttechsolutions.com/software/grocery

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