PromptTech Spa manager is a simple user friendly software designed for the management of beauty and wellness industry. It is a product of PromptTech, a leading software brand seeking to provide advanced and easy- to- use digital solutions. Businesses such as spas, hair salons, beauty parlours, health clinics, beauty salons, personal trainers, and massage centers can benefit from using this software. It is simple to understand and user-friendly, and has a lot of useful features that enable the smooth management of such businesses.

PromptTech Spa manager’s inbuilt features help spa and salon businesses handle packages, basic reports and accounts, employee commissions, etc. This software can be easily installed, and is compatible with a range of devices including laptops, desktops, window tablets, and POS machines. Spa owners, accountants, managers and cashiers can benefit from it.

This software allows you to have a handy solution to effortlessly manage your business. It helps you to keep track of details such as client’s name; employee who offered services to him/her; type of services available; type of services availed; charges for each type of service; products, services and packages available; etc.

The services available at your spa or salon, the rates charged for each of those, updates in the available services, revised rates, discounts currently available, customer loyalty points, etc. are stored in this software. It also takes care of your sales transactions, receipts, invoicing, retail product management and taxes. Further, the discounts available, loyalty points earned by a particular client, etc. can also be accessed through it.

Thus, this software is a boon for your business, yourself and your employees. If you would like to test this software, you are most welcome to Spa Manager Software a demo of it at our site https://www.prompttechsolutions.com/software/spa We encourage you to reap bountiful benefits from your beauty and wellness related business by purchasing and installing this software.

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