Point of Sale (POS) system provides several benefits to retail business, most notably, making checkout lines move faster. Let’s explore how this is achieved.

Efficient Inventory Search:

Every so often, customers request an item lookup during billing. POS systems come equipped with inventory details, so you can quickly find out if the item is available in-store or at other locations. You can put a transaction on hold (customer forgot their wallet or an item) and check-out other customers; pick up later exactly where you left off. This helps to keep the checkout lines moving and customers happy.

ID verification:

Grocery and Mini mart  owners check multiple IDs during their day. Manually entering the birth date or eyeing the ID can result in errors with the risk of huge loss.  POS systems with integrated age verification enable swiping IDs to verify and instantly approve/deny transactions, thereby saving time and reducing business risk. For additional security, ID scanning can be mandatory for all transactions.

Barcode Scanning:

Most products come with barcode that can be integrated into your POS system. But custom products may not have barcode and would require manually typing the details during checkout. POS systems having integrated barcode printers can print barcodes and add the product to the inventory. Scan the custom barcode during checkout to get product details.
This system also keeps the inventory product count updated.

Choosing a Retail POS System

We provide customized software and hardware in our POS solutions for businesses. Contact us for more information.  Prompttech brings to you Retail POS Software for all your business needs.

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