Investing in a Point of Sale (POS) system can accelerate the growth of quick serve restaurants, by enabling fast ordering and generating business reports.

Let’s look at the important features to consider while choosing a QSR point of sale solution.

Fast Ordering :

The success of a quick serve restaurant depends on its speed and efficiency. The POS system that you invest in must be able to keep up with the business.

It should be easily programmable to display your menu in a simple and visually appealing layout. It should easily enable optional customizations, such as “add-on cheese” or “no onions”. Mandatory inputs should be enabled in combo orders, such as the selection of drinks and sides.

When employees can enter orders quickly and easily, the check-out lines move faster.

Business Reports:

Data and information are crucial for any business to grow. A POS system can provide financial updates on your business with real-time reporting.

It should provide total sales and inventory reports, and also compare the revenue generated and inventory at each restaurant (if you operate at more than one location).

It should also generate Individual employee reports to monitor performance.

Rewards Program:

If you wish to encourage repeat customers, invest in a POS system which can also integrate a customer loyalty program. This would provide the flexibility to add or edit a rewards program as required. Reward customers providing points that accumulate with purchases, and offer discounts when they have earned enough points.

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