As an increasing number of restaurants start deploying kitchen display systems, we see even lesser restaurant servers approaching us to take our orders. A lot of restaurants nowadays use kitchen display systems to make employee’s performance better and achieve more efficiency. 

In a lively restaurant, integrating a kitchen display system with your restaurant POS system will be highly beneficial. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a kitchen display system.


With a kitchen display system, the kitchen staff no longer needs to read hand-written tickets. No guesswork is involved as orders are spelt out in an abridged and standardized format. 

Better Customer Service

More order delivery time and accuracy are also connected to a greater customer service- whether the diners dine in or out. As the KDS comes with features such as meal coursing, your kitchen staff can make certain that orders with varying preparation time are made strategically so that each customer gets their order at optimal temperature and freshness.

Even though you can proceed with the handwritten or printed tickets before, this is subjected to mistakes, prolonged waiting times for diners and even loss of revenue. But a KDS is vital to a more efficient operation and streamline your business through making everything facile and quick for both the kitchen staff and the servers. 


Servers can type in the orders placed by the customers and forward them straight to the kitchen instantly. It can even be done quicker when utilising a mobile restaurant POS software, since the server takes order tableside rather than proceeding to an input station. The kitchen staff can see the order on the screen at once, and begin with the preparation. 

Streamlined Kitchen Operations

The system automatically groups the orders and forward them to the specific KDS system according to the type of order. Case in point- when it comes to multiple stations, like the section of main course items and dessert items, the system forwards the order for strawberry cheesecake to the section of dessert items.

Integrated Online Ordering

Orders placed online are sent to the KDS via the POS. This saves you from the hassle of adding the orders individually to the kitchen, thus avoiding the likelihood of missed orders.

Data Reporting

Need to identify areas of betterment to enhance productivity? Managers will be able to generate data for both historical reporting and speed of service. The system also lets them enhance labour by contrasting the rapidness of service data against revenue. This is vital as it lets operators ascertain whether a hike in sales is being lost to operational inefficiencies or turning to profit. 

Keep Track of Orders

In peak times, for instance, lunchtime, it can be overwhelming for the chefs and servers to prioritise the order of meals that need to be done, monitor what dishes have been begun and remember the dishes that require more prep. If the chefs refer handwritten or printed orders there is a chance for tickets to get misplaced or lost. But the kitchen display systems enhance accuracy and lessen errors by eliminating the odds for loss of ticket by displaying accurate times.

The system also notifies kitchen staff when it takes too long to prepare an order so that they can deal with production problems. 

Faster Order Processing

The kitchen display system goes a long way to simplify and shorten rest tasks. Case in point- the system brings the customer wait time down by improving the flow of information from the waiter to the kitchen. 

As soon as the server is done with entering the order in the e-menu, the chefs will be able to view the list of dishes they’re supposed to prepare. Thus the customer can enjoy the dishes quickly and you can make customer satisfaction better. 

Facile Inventory Management 

A KDS integrated with POS will enhance inventory management through keeping track of ingredients usage. Besides that, the kitchen display system will let you know when a particular ingredient(s) is running low and requires refill then and there. 

With this, you don’t have to fret about running out of stock and not able to meet the demands of the customer. Via the POS you will be able to set the low stock notification and display the same on the screen.

Easy Table Management

KDS also helps ease table management.The chefs will be able to keep track of orders from every table through the KDS screen. It will prevent the wrong table and wrong dish circumstances at your eatery. 

Besides, the system can aid servers to club or separate tables/orders as per the order of customers. Also the system supports split-bills.

Cheaper Than Paper KOT

This system is a one-off investment. After having set and integrated it with the POS system, it is cheaper when compared to the paper KOTs. It also goes a long way in minimising paper wastage as well as eco-friendly.

Increase Sales

If your employees are faster and work in an efficient way, it means a better bottom line for your restaurant. Quicker preparation time and ordering implies that the diners get their orders faster. This lets you make your table turnover rate better and accommodate more customers per service or complete more delivery or takeout orders. 

Improved Communication

As the order placed by the customer, punched into the POS system can be directly viewed on the kitchen display system, there is enhanced communication among the staff.

The system aids to personalise the kitchen workflow, particularly for multi-kitchen restaurants. If the order placed has been prepared, then it’s possible to edit the order status to prepared or ready. The waiter can see the screen and provide food to the awaiting customers.

With the KDS, the waiters no longer have to check with the kitchen staff on whether the order has been prepared, thus enhancing communication. 

A Source of Information

Integrating the kitchen display system with the POS not merely eases inventory management, but gives information regarding the performance of the restaurant. You can keep track of the food preparation time, the popular dish and more.

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