The Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are increasing the ordering rate and encompass the information system display in the kitchen backend for increasing restaurant efficiency. Kitchen Display Systems are becoming a necessity and widely used for modern restaurants, more for a quick service restaurant whose business model serves giving quick services to the customers. The KDS system is wholly integrated with a cloud-based POS technology that works remotely, and displays orders for preparations as they are fed in the POS software. This reduces manual error and the staff effort through automating the entire process.

The Need of POS Integrated Kitchen Display Systems

The Point of Sale software is equipped with a Kitchen Display Systems that sustains to work wonders for your restaurant. This integration enables orders placed in the POS to automatically update in the KDS systems and are displayed to the kitchen staff.

Some benefits of having a POS integrated Kitchen Display System are stated as follows

  • It renders online orders to integrate into the restaurant operations completely, so there is no additional staff requirement or re-entering in the POS.
  • If you have any of the iPad POS/tablet POS or a mobile phone-POS, you can directly take orders from customers on their table, and it gets updated in the KDS that saves a significant amount of time and boosts its efficiency.
  • With the accessible mobile POS, the service staff will be updated as soon as the orders are prepared, that ensures food has been served right after it gets ready.

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