Experienced optical technicians and professionally qualified optometrists alone are not enough anymore to manage your optical shops efficiently. For, you need to quit the traditional manual and paper based documentations and operations, and keep pace with today’s digital advancements in enterprise management to thrive in the optical industry. We at PromptTech have come up with PromptTech Optical Shop Manager App – an exclusive digital solution to address this purpose.

PromptTech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company in India with its headquarters in the UAE. Its product- PromptTech Optical Shop software , offers a complete solution to address all the management needs of an optical shop. It has numerous features for the management of functions and HR segments such as invoicing, card payments, cash payments, supplier management, tax, POS, quotation, sales, financial reports, employees, customers, suppliers, product purchases, product stock, and many more.

PromptTech Optical Shop Manager Software is easy to install, and is compatible with various hardwares including POS machines, Window tablets, all laptops, and all desktops.

The integration of comprehensive management functions into a single platform, provides optical shop owners with good clarity and greater control over the different dimensions of their business. This in turn saves their hard-earned money via streamlining business processes, maintaining data transparency, and increasing productivity. All these ultimately work together to generate higher income and profitability from their business.

Furthermore, it has become more imperative than ever before to switch to a digital management system than sticking to that clumsy, traditional manual operations and paper documentations. We invite optical shop owners you to install and benefit from this incredible software.

We at PromptTech can go that extra mile to customize PromptTech Optical Shop Manager App to suit your specific business needs, if required. You are invited to request a demo on working software at our site (https://www.prompttechsolutions.com/software/optics).

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