PromptTech Retail Point of Sale is a simple, and user- friendly software designed for the management of retail and wholesale businesses. It helps you to easily and efficiently manage your business’ inventory, supply chain, accounts, invoicing, and human resource. It is a product of PromptTech, a software brand committed to developing advanced and easy- to- use digital solutions.

PromptTech Retail is easily installable, and is compatible with several types of hardware’s including all laptops, all desktops, POS machines, and window tablets. It is also GCC VAT ready for use in the Middle East market, where retail and wholesale business segments like groceries, apparel, electronics, etc. flourish.

Wholesale suppliers need to keep track of a huge amount of information pertaining to catalogs, vendor management, and distribution. And, making mistakes can cost them their customers, which can be very much detrimental to their businesses. PromptTech Retail powerfully supports these businesses in managing the different functions of their business and handling multiple orders in varying configurations.


PromptTech Retail has multiple features to accommodate all the management needs of both wholesale and retail businesses. These include credit payment, credit customer tracking, stock handling, supplier management, balance sheet, reports, human resource, and more.

All management functions integrated into one single platform, enables you to have accurate clarity and a better control over the various aspects of your business. This would ultimately translate into increased revenue generation and profitability.

Further, in this era of extensive digitalization, it has become a necessity rather than an option to go digital. We encourage you to buy this incredible software, and get immensely benefited from it. If you would need, PromptTech can customize this software to suit your specific needs. Get free demo on Retail POS & ERP tool at our site (https://www.prompttechsolutions.com/software/retail).

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