Running the restaurants ain’t an easy feat. There are never-ending lists of tasks, revising the menus, managing the front desk and checking on the kitchen. If you own a fast-food restaurant, gastropub and fine dining establishment, you can install the restaurant management app to get the most out of your restaurant business.

You would never miss an online order. You get visual and audio notification for every order. This way you can keep the peak hour operations stress free. You can simplify the order processing. It becomes easy to use the interface designed for increasing order acceptance rate. It marks the food ready by improving food ready percentage by 30% and automates the delivery bills.

You have to keep control on your online menus. Adding new items, experimenting with your menu and changing pricing of real-time without any dependency. Don’t let items run out of stock. You can control item availability online with a single click. You have to gain authority over your store timings. Switch off or on your store in real-time.

You can get the business insights across aggregators. The sales of each item across aggregators can be analyzed to run discounts and accurate offers. The online sales of accounts can be reconciled and kept under complete track for pending revenues from aggregators. You need the accurate cancellation report along with reasons to improve your operations.

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