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If you run a salon business, you should use the right POS software to provide outstanding services. You can attain remarkable results, whether you are able to discover a Salon POS software that suits your business type. Such software will let you make transactions quicker and save time. 

You should realise that the Salon POS Software offers more perks when compared to the conventional cash register. The software comes packed with a number of extra features like Inventory Management, Instant reporting and more to add more worth to the client service. Due to this, you will be conspicuous with more accent on clients’ satisfaction. 

Salon POS Software and What it Means.

Salon POS Software lets the salon make payment transactions. Conventionally the salon owners made use of cash registers to make payment transactions. They were beneficial as people largely utilised cash. But, in this day and age, people favour card payments along with eWallets and a lot of varying sorts of e-payments. Cash registers can’t manage transactions like that. Moreover, a lot of other functions come with Salon Software Dubai, like inventory management, reporting and more. 

POS software solutions are handy for firms in the hospitality and commerce industries. But, it was not prevalent to see Salon POS in most places. This is because the majority of POS solutions were not apt for hair salon/barbershop businesses. The majority of them fell short of booking or appointment functions. At present, this trend is evolving, POS has turned out to be a crucial tool for successful salon management. 

Benefits of Salon POS Software 

The Salon POS software (Salon Pos System) offers a lot of perks to your business. Primarily, the software provides inventory management feature, which makes the software peculiar from conventional cash registers as well as tools for booking. Using the software, you can control the inventory of items sold in the beauty salon. Secondly, the Salon POS comes with an employee management function. This feature is along the lines of scheduling tools and aids staff to track time. Moreover, salon booking software is unable to offer this function. Although some of them provide this feature, they aren’t at greater-level management. Finally, salon owners love Salon POS software owing to its reporting feature. It can track business hours, busy hours, and more. Owing to this, Salon software Dubai also eases the duties of managers and supervisors. 

Choosing a Salon POS Software 

If you want a salon POS software, then you need to give thought to many features. Different cash registers and booking tools at present don’t provide every feature as mentioned above in a single device. Choosing the Salon POS instead of them doesn’t imply that you must not avail and benefit from the booking features. Any POS software company which you are going to prefer must offer you all-inclusive software. 

Here are some of the features that Salon software Dubai needs to provide.

Appointment Management

This turns out to be one of the hardest functions of any beauty salon business. This is because many errors can happen, such as wrong or double booking. Conventionally, books were used to enter appointments. During the development of Salon POS, they took into consideration the downside of paper books. But, if you deploy a Salon POS, bookings will be blended with staff schedules. The employee can access the appointment online and find out whether or not they have a booking. Apart from this, if there are any changes in the nick of time, the software will bring this to the attention of the staff. So you won’t encounter any changes in the nick of time, when the customer shows up at your salon. 

This advanced technology offers text or email notifications as well. Whether the employees have no time to look over bookings online, the text or email notifications will be beneficial for them. Moreover, the appointment management feature makes sure that the customers are uniformly allotted among the stylists. Apart from that, they take into consideration the schedule and reduce the wait time for clients. The customers who show up in your salon will have an enhanced experience, that goes a long way for your salon to stand apart from the rest. 

Online Booking 

This characteristic improves revenues. Research shows that the off-work time is preferred by 40% of the customers. Which means if your salon doesn’t provide an online booking facility, then you will lose that much percentage of prospective customers. As you make scheduling way too easy, they will even start to show up at your salon more often. So by starting this facility and incorporating them to your Salon POS, you can turn those people into your loyal customers. Moreover, this feature is related to managing appointments as well. No matter the time, you can access the appointment management and receive instant data regarding potential revenues. So you may enjoy the real-time reporting features as well. 

Instant Reporting 

The software also makes the decision reaching task easy and track the liability of managers through offering real-time reports. Whether they want to make a decision, all they need to do is to access the software and scrutinise the data. This function is compatible with most devices. Regardless of the time, location or tool, you can track costs, inventory, profits. Certain modern varieties of POS also permit KPI integration. This business metric indicates the advancement towards a particular objective, like the service of the daily volume of the stylist. If your shop uses accounting software, then the salon POS software can be incorporated with the accounting software to enhance precision and productivity. 

Inventory Management

For every sort of business, inventory management is a demanding issue. The case is no different for salon businesses likewise. Then, beauty products are sold by some salons for extra revenue. So an effective salon manager should be able to inspect the products sold more and improve its stock. Apart from that, they should also find the products that are running short and order in advance to steer clear of stock-outs. In the absence of the inventory manager, determining the total number of products daily is an overwhelming task. Apart from that, we are prone to errors so that mistakes can happen. So with feature like inventory management in Salon Software Dubai, Salon businesses benefit from more profitability and reduced stock issues. 

Fundamental Features a Salon POS Should Have


The Salon POS software should feature a convenient and simple design. Though it must provide a lot of features, the employees should be able to get a hang of operations and handle them rapidly. If it’s troublesome to use the software and a greater learning curve is needed, then your business might get hurt. This is because you won’t be able to offer outstanding services during the shifting phase when you shift from conventional to POS software. Owing to that, clients won’t be pleased with your business, even if you were attempting to offer better services with the software. 

With plenty of features to take into consideration, you might feel overwhelmed. A lot of companies provide different solutions. Never miss out any chance to improve the operations and efficiency of your salon business. Now is the time to upgrade to a Salon POS software that works wonders for you. Get in touch with PromptTech Solutions for Salon Software Dubai. 

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