According to a report by the NAR, about 99% of the generation and 89% of the boomers perform online search prior to making a property purchase. With a great change as this in the market, despite the other changes, like less interest rates and greater inventory, what can make you remarkable as a property manager is your potential to go above and beyond client expectations.

How do you sort out your day to day work better? How do you get an overall view of the way of deal progression and where the hindrances are? 

To all these questions, there is one solution- Real estate CRM. 

Below are key reasons why you need to use Real estate CRM Dubai:

You will always be informed about your potential client.

From different sources, you may be receiving leads. Which could be from a website you’ve created, backed by captivating videos and interactive content. Or it could be by running an effective marketing campaign, via advertisements, open houses or another way. Now, what is the way forward with these potential clients from various sources? How do you know what they’re after in the market?

Here is where a Real estate CRM Dubai comes in, turning your job much effortless. If your potential clients come straight to your website, then you can make web forms within the CRM to obtain essential data regarding your potential clients, like their name, email id and the name of the organisation they work with prior to interacting with them for the first time. Also, certain Real estate CRM Dubai is supported by chat tools that you can employ to have a conversation in real-time with your potential clients. Think- if they made an attempt to get into a conversation with you, then this is not a potential client that you would want to overlook. On the other hand, if the lead comes from an email campaign, then the lead generally gets created in the software automatically. 

Indeed, a great Real estate CRM Dubai can automatically enrich leads as well, via adding more information regarding your potential client through obtaining details from their social media profiles. Besides, the software can keep tabs on the people who view your webpage or application and provide insights into the pages they engaged more, the downloaded reports and beyond. This will give you an idea of what your leads are after. For instance, they may have viewed a report regarding trends in real estate buying and downloaded it, or checked out some properties listed on your website. 

You can give priority to the leads you wish to go after

Instead of following up with a myriad of leads, not sure whether they get converted or not, you can concentrate on those leads who want to make payment to you to purchase or sell a home. And what’s the role of Real estate CRM Dubai here?- it scores your leads. you can divide the leads as warm, cold and hot ones, based on the way they are involved with your business and make certain that you follow up with the leads that are conversing with you more, when compared to the less receptive ones. 

Real Estate Software Dubai
Real Estate Software Dubai

You can obtain every customer info in a single place.

Yet another benefit of having a great real estate CRM Dubai is that it lets you send emails or buzz someone from the software. Moreover, you can also keep tabs on all client activity and receive a sequential timeline view of all engagements you had with them from the moment they start engaging with you. This can be elaborated by taking an example. Suppose you and a seller are engaging with each other, where he needs to get a reasonable amount for his property. Once sending numerous emails and arranging face-to-face meets, and engaging with different buyers, the seller chose to rethink and hold on till the price of the property increases more. 

After a couple of months, he returns and again chooses to put the property on the market. Now think- will you juggle with the dozens of messages and emails you have corresponded with that seller to find where you left off or save every detail in one place to access them right away? Thus, a single place in which every customer engagement is saved doesn’t just save time but aids you to resume from where you left off with your clients. 

Indeed, just within the software, you can attach tasks, appointments and notes pertinent to every client. You can also add files such as purchase agreements, buyer contracts etc. 

Map Sales Process Within the CRM

Imagine- in the past one week, around forty-five buyers and sellers have turned to you regarding property info in your area. And you have mapped out your sales process in your mind. It includes sending and receiving dozens of emails, arranging a face to face meeting and taking them to the properties which may be pertinent to them, negotiating and ending the contract. However, not every prospect turns into a won deal. Therefore, how will you find the stage of the deal your client is in? Or how do you plan your whole sales process with a seller or buyer in your software? The software has something called a visual sales pipeline that functions as the right setup to keep tabs on the headway you are making with your client. Also, based on your requirements, you can also customise your visual sales pipeline- including everything from pitched to won and lost and everything in between. You can watch the clients in every deal stage, probe into the won and lost deals and do a lot more.

You Can Analyse Your Business Performance

Being a business, you would like to know the number of deals closed in a period, scrutinise the trends of selling and buying, find out the performance of every agent, etc. That is to say, every so often you wish to draw meaningful findings into all facets of your business. For that, you don’t require complex spreadsheets or reporting tools. What you require is a Real estate CRM Dubai that can create periodical sales reports to pinpoint gaps in performance and create strategies to further make your business thrive. 

Indeed, whether you wish to make a contrast between some reports, you no longer have to open each report one by one. You can just see the insights instantaneously with the dashboard!

You Won’t Skip a Step Again With Your Clients 

If it is to deliver a follow-up reminder to make payments, to attend a meeting, or to let you know your staff when a lead goes cold, you can do these things within a very short time in the software having workflow automation. This doesn’t just help save time but lets you devote time serving your clients. 

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